I’m a Consumer Affairs Rep at SVP Worldwide, and part of my training involves sewing on the Viking and Pfaff machines.  The child animal embroidery was made on the Pfaff Creative Sensation, and the other designs were made on the Viking Diamond Deluxe.

I’m to the point with my current “10 of Hearts” dress of applying all the heart appliques.  Since I’ve already done this before without problems, I though I could easily do so again.  Since I was not overly cocky, I did a sample just to make sure I did not ruin the dress for my client.

Then the horror happened:

I started with the bottom of the dress (if something should go wrong there, people are less likely to notice when compared to something going wrong near the face). First I stitched the “1”:  it came out crooked.  Undeterred, I began to sew the “0” (which is the hardest one to do), and it came out crooked as well.  However since the “10” was facing the same direction, I left it alone (it’s really hard to rip out a satin stitch, especially on satin).

So then I sewed the first applique heart, and it became crooked in the opposite direction!  That’s not something that I can leave alone.  I managed to get the applique off, but now I’m afraid to try again.  My applique is a little worn now, and the surrounding base fabric is considerably weakened.  

I think my solution going forward is the put multiple silk pins in the applique (I didn’t want to do that since little holes are left behind, but only if you look for them).  I’m also going to made the satin stitches less close together.

Wish me luck

Some pics of my dresses in the fashion show pt 1

"10 of Hearts" dress made for my school’s fashion show for Go Red for Women.  You can read a little more about it here:http://www.burdastyle.com/projects/10-of-hearts