How does one fix the tension on a sewing machine?

What do your stitches look like?  Are they birdnesting or loopy on the top or bottom of the fabric?

My rotary cutter won’t cut through quilter’s cotton, but it will slice my thumb with sickening ease.

11 of the 13 fat quarters I need for the quilt I’m making.

I just ordered the rest of the fabric I need to make the Kool Kats Kwilt present. I can’t wait to get started.




hey! remember my first post on the cemetery fandom?


Wait. Cemetery fandom is a thing? Because I have a favorite cemetery.

It definitly should be. Some of these are a work of art, like come on, they are beautiful. 

(via xneverxmorex)

I finished my knit dress sometime last weekend.  The fabric is an interlock cotton knit, and I used McCall’s 6697 (though I adjusted the fit and shortened the sleeves).  The point of this project, other than to get a comfy dress, was to get to know my overlock machine.  I used a 4-thread overlock stitch for the seams and a narrow cover stitch on the hems and neckline.  The wings came from Urban Threads, and while they came out a little lopsided, it seems to give the dress a more organic feel (plus they straighten up once on my body).  This dress was very popular at work :)


Bag I made for my friend DigitalDuckie! <3  Free motion Quilted outside and liner, with appliqued on duck, octopus, and fish.

I got this applique design from Planet Applique.  Adrian picked out the fabrics for the sails.


Coffee, acrylic paint and a little Alcohol. Made the paint watery and flexible. Wanted the dress to look water stained and dirty. Just need to add the blood red to the skirt and apron.